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Graeme anderson
Reverend Graeme Anderson
Vicar:  Holy Trinity

A message from the vicar ...

We at Holy Trinity want you to know that God is astonishing!  Just think of it, God looking on us with so much value, that He wants to give us the very best opportunity to be at rest with Him forever, even when our body wears out!  God - even God - cares about us so much that He breaks off part of Himself and sends His only Son, Jesus Christ, to provide this opportunity.  If that wasn't enough, Jesus Christ then suffers terribly and died for us! 

So, God cares about us so much, He is prepared to suffer for us.  Do we deserve this?  No, but God's totally loving and just character did all of this for us.  That shakes me to the very core again, and again, and again.  That sort of ongoing love, when received, transforms people.

So come along, come and visit, come to the type of service that best suits you (we have many).  We want to give you the best welcome we can.

Bless you,






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Saturday 25 January
3:30pmMessy Church @ Holy Trinity Church
Sunday 26 January
8:00amHoly Communion @ Holy Trinity Church
Sunday 26 January
9:30amInformal Worship @ Holy Trinity Church
Sunday 26 January
11:00amHoly Communion @ Holy Trinity Church