Holy Trinity Team 

Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) 

An Introduction
The Ministry Leadership team was put together in 2014 to oversee the four main areas of ministry and ensure they were all working together and seeking God’s will.  These cover Worship, Pastoral Ministry, Outreach and Youth and Children.  Each ministry stream has a leader and a team to take ownership of the varied elements under each of the four headings. 

The MLT is built on relationship, with God and each other, and seeks to plan and develop ways of implementing our vision of “Working with Jesus, Walking with Jesus”, making sure the different ministries work well together, alongside churchwardens and the Buildings and Finance committees.  The MLT prayerfully presents ideas for development in church for discussion and approval at PCC, shares challenges and celebrates success, seeks to develop skills and gifts across the church community and aims to communicate well with all.  
 Abigail Rhodes
Abby Rhodes

Leader: Ann McCabe
Ann McCabe

The Youth and Children’s team are always exploring new and creative ways of best serving our children and young people. They coordinate the youth and children’s work during Sunday services and also outside ordinary church times, seeking to help them meet Jesus and walk with him.

Leader: Pete Griffiths
Pete Griffiths

The Worship team oversees all the areas of worship in Holy Trinity, thinking through the vast array of music, liturgy and styles that exist across all our congregations.  They are working to create a full picture of what we undertake every week to help our congregations worship and engage with God and to ensure that there is enough breadth in our various areas of ministry, to represent the hugely diverse community we have at Holy Trinity. 

Leader: Jean Howard
Jean Howard

The Pastoral team oversee all the pastoral activities already in place at Holy Trinity and identify gaps and tasks, however small they might seem to us, which make a difference to how people feel welcomed, loved, accepted and seen within our community.  This mapping covers everything from Small groups, to our welcome, from how we help each other meet and talk after the services to how we connect to families and individuals on the periphery of church life. 

Leader: Paul Doggett
Paul Doggett

The Outreach team work on various areas of Mission and Outreach, including how they relate to each other and the Pastoral ministry. The Missions and Donations Committee work to inform the church and help us support, mostly financially and prayerfully, international and national projects, allowing the Outreach ministry team to focus on outreach locally, as a city centre church and within our other communities.  We seek to demonstrate the love of Jesus to those who come into our building for whatever reason, as well as finding opportunities to serve people around the city, alongside Christians from churches across Coventry.
The MLT believes we all have a responsibility to promote and oversee Prayer and Discipleship within the different Ministry Streams. We feel it is vital to maintain a pattern of looking Upwards and Inwards first, seeking God and strengthening community, then looking outwards and inviting God to direct us into activity. David and Abby, as chair and deputy chair of the MLT, have taken responsibility to make sure this remains at the heart of all the ministry streams.


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