Life at Holy Trinity 

Coventry Foodbank

Foodbanks give three days of emergency food to people in crisis. They work with front line care professionals to identify those in need. Vouchers are issued, which can be exchanged for food. All the food distributed is nutritionally balanced.


Foodbanks signpost clients to organisations able to help combat longer term problems.


There are over 90 Trussell Trust foodbanks in the UK.  The Coventry Central foodbank is a partnership between 6 churches:
Mosaic, Holy Trinity, Queens Road Baptist and the Cathedral, Jesus Centre and Vineyard

Our vision is that “No one in Coventry goes hungry”. That’s a massive task – but God is connecting churches together across the city to make it happen.


For more information about the Coventry Foodbank, go to the Mosaic Church website.

Tuesday 18 June
1:00pmHealing Service @ Holy Trinity Church
Wednesday 19 June
10:30amHoly Communion @ Holy Trinity Church
Saturday 22 June
3:30pmMessy Church @ Holy Trinity Church
Sunday 23 June
9:30amInformal Worship @ Holy Trinity Church