Life at Holy Trinity 

International Missions/Agencies we support

Church Mission Society (
John and Rachel Waters work with Kurdish people in the Middle East and they are celebrating a new, local,Bible translation which John had been working on full-time for 8years.  Six million people have the whole Bible in their own language for the first time. John is now looking at other languages that don't have the Bible, while Rachel teaches English to refugees.  Connie, also works with Kurds (in Sheffield) and their son, William, is at university.

Novi Most International (
This UK-based organisation does Christian youth work at three locations in Bosnia and Herzegovinia. It comprises an international team who work with local Christian youthworkers. In this divided and war-scarred country, they seek to bring young people to Christ, and also equip them to be instruments of stabilisation and transformation of their communities. They also run language classes and facilitate work experience in a country with youth unemployment at around 50%. The Griffiths family are actively involved with this organisation.


Nick Jackson, 17/01/2012

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Sunday 24 March
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